Exercise for weight loss for women at home.

What to do if you want to lose weight and attending the gym there is no possibility? A good result is achievable in the house. You need to run every day fat burning exercises for the whole body, and stick to moderate weight loss diet.


Effective exercises for weight loss

For weight loss need a change of sedentary lifestyle, it slows down the metabolism, the more active. Morning should begin with the charge for the home, and training highlight a half-hour in the evening. In the course of the day to use all the opportunities for physical activity. To burn fat is useful to replace the travel in the elevator, the elevator for the stairs, and before going to sleep make a short walk. Exercises for the whole core musculature providing the tone of the body, and for aesthetic slimming and preserve the health, it is important to follow the simple instructions:

  • Eliminate from your diet sweets and bread of the highest grades of flour.
  • Cook the food to steam or boil.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables rich in fiber.
  • The night did not eat the last meal at least 2 hours before bedtime.
  • To drink clean water.

Exercises for the whole body to lose weight and stay in shape is crucial. In drawing up the training program at home, it is necessary to take into account targeted to develop areas of concern and a state of health. Expert fitness instructor recommend the use of effective exercises to strengthen and weight loss muscle.



"Lean forward" one of the most effective movements for strengthening the back and weight loss. To stimulate the muscles erettori of the vertebral column, must be regularly getting up on "the Bridge". Information and withdrawal of the blade, improve the blood circulation, trapezoidal and diamond-shaped muscle, and reduce body fat in head and neck area of the neck. Exercise "Strap with a traction handlebars" vigorously burns the fat due to work larger muscles of the back, and the "Barchetta" well cellulite on the lower back.


"Bench dumbbell presses lying" forced to work both types of fibers, which makes it possible to lose weight without losing muscle mass. Exercise "Flex wall" women are able to run on a large number of repetitions, in order to ensure the required intensity to burn fat. The systematic execution of exercises in a "Dry brass" to support the muscles in shape, and load static "Compression of the palm trees" adds to the elasticity of the breast. Diet — defines the factor of loss of weight of the female breast, and the physical activity helps to maintain a nice shape.


For the weight loss of the legs, but also to stimulate the muscles of the whole body using different variations of exercises "the Squat". Side lunges perfectly load the foot with the outside world. Exercise "Scissors" or squeeze the ball with your knees will make the adductor intensely burn the fat on the inner surface of the thigh. The regular performance of exercises of "the Bicycle", the slender shape and knee area care mulling the joints. Raises seated or standing, reduce swelling, and damage to the tibia relief.



Selegiline in stable stool with an increase of the knee towards the high — effective exercise for weight loss legs. "Short thrust" intentionally to load the hips, to give them relief. When particular care is required the internal surface, in the complex of exercises, it is necessary to add "Of the sea-squat". To burn fat on the outer side of the thigh need to practice mahi-foot-by-side in the foot.


Exercise of the "ex-dividend" profit for the muscles almost all the the body and increases the tone of the muscles in the buttocks. For an intense weight loss the buttocks, you must perform a "Deviation of the foot makes", and large sink. "Hypertension" — is a good alternative ex-dividend, the exercise does not load the knees and the quadriceps. "Glute bridge" to effectively grow the volume of muscles, and it also reduces the fat on the lower back and buttocks. The exercise of "Walking on buttocks" strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, and mulling hamstring.


"Reverse push-up" in a support on a chair or on the edge of the sofa, huge load area, triceps, and clean the fat under the armpits. A variety of options of pushups hands tighten and strengthen the front of a group of muscles of the shoulder. Exercises "Scissors" and "Spin crescent" burn fat in a uniform manner with the surface of the hands. "Bench dumbbells upwards" involves a work triceps, trapezius and deltoid muscle, creating a beautiful shape of the shoulder girdle.


Common "Twist" wonderful start to the over, the press and the exercise "crunch " reverse" reduces body fat and strengthens the muscles of the lower abdomen. "Lateral and torsion bars emphasise the life, and the exercise "Slopes" removes deposits of fat on the hips. "Circular rotation kicks" complex act on the muscles in the newspapers. To pull on the belly, protruding should be systematically exercise of "Empty".

the warm-up the neck


For the thin and attractive life should do "Rotations of the trunk in hand" or "the Mill", which force the obliques intensely to shrink. Exercise of the "twists legs lying on the floor," actively burn fat in the problem area, and strengthens the print. "Side bridge" and "leg Lifting lying on your side" perfectly toned side muscles and reduce the coverage of life.


For the correct execution of the exercise it is necessary to put the foot on width of shoulders, putting on the same level with the knees. Keep the back situated in a wonderful location, with the curvature of the back, lower the arms along the body. To reduce the shoulder, bring the pelvis back, and inhale to sit down. Hip elbow until parallel with the floor, and the weight of the body is necessary to transfer on the heel. Go up, exhale at the top of the climb. Performing squats, you need to check the main points:

  • In the bottom position the knees are not her forward to the foot.
  • It is not possible to get up on the tip.
  • Not rounding the upper back and lower back.
  • During the ascent it is not possible to bring your knees.


At the beginning of the exercise of the put your feet to the width of the basin, and after that make a step forward, and without sitting down. Transfer the load to the front foot, the other to pull and to focus on a sock. The back situated in a wonderful location, with the natural curvature of the back, the palm of the hand are on the belt. The articulation of the knee work, foot bent at 90° and experiment with the increased load, so it is important not to allow driving of the knee to the toe of the foot. Exhaling, rise to the top, and put the work step close to the reference.


Starting position for push-ups — still lying on the arm, with the staging of the width of the shoulders. The distance between the feet does not affect the execution of push-ups. The body maintain regular, straining buttocks and abdominals. Bending your arms, breathe deeply, and touch the breast to the floor. Easily exhale during the lifting of the body. During the execution of the exercises is important:

the training of the muscles of the neck
  • Observe the staging of the palm trees in the middle of the chest.
  • Avoid sagging at the waist.
  • Avoid strong breeding elbows and sagging of the thighs.

The "jump"

To prevent a variety of injuries, before performing the jump needs training the ankles and knee. In the position of rest, put your feet together, lower your arms along the body. Behind, to omit, press curve, keep the back situated in a wonderful location and a bit tense. Explosive effort of the muscles of the thigh and the calf of the leg to push the body upward, lengthening the foot. Land on the socks, a little bit of spring in the knees.

Lifting of the legs

To perform the exercises you need to lie on your back and press firmly against the lower part of your back, put your hands along the body. The effort of the abdominal muscles tear off the hips from the floor and, exhaling, lift up to an angle of 60°. Keep your legs in top 2 h., and inhale omit, without touching the heels to the floor. In order not to reduce the work load, you can detach the head from the floor. For beginners and for women who have a weak abs, you should start with subsequent updates walk.


Important: the exercise is performed only on a hard surface. Lie down on your back, bend your hips and pull the arms along the body. Place the palm of the hand under the buttocks, put his feet on the floor. By inhaling, lift one leg and pull the socks. The strength of the abdominal muscles to keep the feet above the floor with an angle of 30°-90°. Before melting the legs to the side, after which reduce, and the cross.



Lie on your back, the fingers of the hands chained in the castle for the head, and to dilute the elbows to the sides. Beginners allowed to cross your arms on your chest. Bend your hips and put one leg on any furniture. Exhaling, twist the body and pull shoulders toward the pelvis. You need to run every day fat burning exercises for the whole body, and stick to moderate weight loss diet. In the final position the back is rounded, and the abdominal muscles strongly reduced. It is not possible to bring the elbows and straining the neck and the chin pressed against the chest. On the inspiration of returning the body to a horizontal position.


After the load is necessary to normalize the heartbeat, lower the heart beat, and relieve tension of the nervous system. Run successfully and snag favors a rapid recovery after the effort, and the return of the shortened muscles in the original state. Stretching will increase the elasticity of the ligaments and of the muscles, improve the circulation of blood in the body, and will help to eliminate toxins from the body.

For an effective hitch you need to perform some simple movements and exercises:

  • "Dizziness";
  • Pressing the elbow to the shoulder;
  • Pull the elbow behind your back;
  • Slopes can be reclined or with the support;
  • The rolling of the hands behind the back;
  • Stretch marks on the door;
  • Exercises of the "Crescent" and "Cobra";
  • Pull the leg back.

"The training program"



At the beginning of the week should be the power of the exercise to strengthen the muscles, as well as the body after a weekend well-restored. Before training, you need to spend 15 minutes of active training of the whole body, to prepare muscles and ligaments for the impending load. All exercises do 15 reps for 3 approaches. Basic training includes exercises for all muscle groups:

  • "Deep squats";
  • "Large sink" — a certain number of iterations is performed each foot;
  • "The belt with a push dumbbell" — you need to make each hand for 15 reps;
  • "Push-up";
  • "Bench press dumbbells upward";
  • "The bending of hands with dumbbells";
  • "Twist";
  • "The increase of the feet."

For aerobic load is well suited jumping with the rope, you need to run 3 times for 60 sec. As a hitch – 10 minutes of stretching of all muscles.


On the day of the training, all the exercises do alternatively to 15 repetitions. The training has to do 3 laps. To prepare the heart for the next load, in the warm-up should include jogging on the spot. Basic exercises of the complex:

  • "Sea-squat";
  • "Push-up";
  • "Glute bridge";
  • "Superman";
  • "Scissors";
  • Jumps on the spot – 30 times.

In attack it is necessary to add breathing exercises, to bring the frequency of the heartbeat to normal.


Day feeding and aerobic load. Basic training includes 3 sets of exercises, each must perform 20 reps. On the basis of the activities of the next exercise, warm-up should include movements, warming the joints and ligaments. The lesson consists of exercises:

  • "Squat" with the increase of the hands in front of himself;
  • "Deviation of the foot makes" – do each leg for 20 reps;
  • "Push-ups, inverse;
  • "Hyperextension";
  • "The bicycle".

As hitch — 5 minutes of stretching the legs and back, and to burn fat spend a walk for 30-45 minutes


You must perform the exercise with a focus on problem areas. A short warm-up amount of the rotation movement of the legs and arms. To increase fat burning effect, all the exercises do 20 repetitions in a circle, with the rest in between sets 30 sec. For employment to do 2 laps, which include:

  • "Large sink" – each leg to do 20 reps;
  • "Flex wall";
  • "Glute bridge";
  • "Extending hands high" by the light of the head of wood;
  • "Superman";
  • "Mahi foot in the side";
  • "Twist";
  • Jump rope – 30 sec.

During the hitch good to stretch the muscles of the hands and feet, do breathing exercises.


The training should deepen the maximum number of muscles to run this for 2 approach in all exercises. To improve the impact of the activities of the warm-up should include mahi, rotation with the hands and the feet, and also shots of the scene and the tilt of the hull. In each approach to do 15 repetitions of the following exercises:

  • "Short lunges – each leg for 15 reps;
  • "Deviation of the foot makes" – do 15 reps each leg;
  • "The bridge";
  • "Push-up";
  • "Cantilevered above the floor" – 60 sec.
  • "A close up of the hands in front of the chest";
  • "Twist";
  • "The rotation of the feet" – in every way to perform 15 repetitions.

As hitch do 50 jumps on the spot and stretching of the entire body.


Add in training exercises for the study of areas of concern. In the first part of the lessons back alternatively leg exercises – 2 approach to 15 repetitions, then work the upper part of the body. Abdominal exercises performed separately. Include in a workout of jogging on the spot with the increase of the knees, and in the training base:

  • "To Squat";
  • "Deviation of the foot makes";
  • "Side lunge";
  • "Glute bridge";
  • Before the study top do 50 jumps on the spot;
  • "Bench dumbbells lying";
  • "Superman";
  • "Push-up";
  • "Cantilevered above the floor" – 60 sec.

To improve gerogianni perform a jump with the rope 2 times for 60 sec. The ligament should begin with breathing exercises and stretching of the legs.


Day of muscle recovery and active aerobic load, it is necessary to go for a walk for 60 minutes To start of the hormonal processes, the first of cardio to achieve with the two approaches exercises to print:

  • "Twist" – the maximum number of times.
  • "The bicycle" – for 20 repetitions for each leg.
  • "Side slopes" – just 50 reps.

For aesthetics, weight loss and to maintain the tone necessary to daily exercises for the muscles of the entire body, and also strict observance of the mode of power and aerobic exercise. It is necessary to study and observe the correct technique to avoid injury and improve the efficiency of the workouts at home.