Reviews Keto Guru

  • Martine
    Lost 13 kg in 2 months. Diet and exercise has nothing to do, simply took keto guru 2 months without interruption. The pill helped me to recover the metabolic processes, has saved me from excess fluid, normalize cholesterol and sugar. I now wear clothes 2 sizes smaller, slender and sexy, and what you want.
  • Alain
    I have 18 kg of excess weight and lose weight does not work! By diets becomes bad, fasting is contraindicated, as well as chronic gastritis. Sports long, I can't — the joints begin to pain. I have read on the forum reviews on the Keto Gurushe decided to try it. I drink already 4 weeks, it took almost 9 kg. And the most important thing is that my stomach is when this feels good.
  • Nicolas
    Were serious problems with the pressure and sugar, the doctor said that first of all you need to get rid of weight! Lose weight I can't give up your favorite dishes in life is not enough will! And then the wife proposed to try Keto Guru. Took the pill with a break for 2 months, dropped in this period of almost 20 kg! And still back to normal sugar, the pressure was shortness of breath.
  • Monique
    For a month less than 7 kg, thanks keto guru!!! I have not had to give up the fast-food. The course finished 2 weeks ago, when it still was wrong, as usually happens in case of cancellation of medications for weight loss. I order the second pack Keto Guru. Good luck to all!
  • Marie
    During the menopause are very fattened. Then the long attempts to lose weight - nothing helped. Started the depression terrible. Until the daughter has not brought me Keto GuruI discovered that they, too, took after the birth. Thanks tablets I has returned to his old weight. It is true that there I've put 2 months and 4 with pauses.
Reviews Keto Guru